Questions I need answered before turning 29


1.When will I feel like a grown-up?

You can often find me in my office at work pretending to be a grown-up…but I never truly feel like one. I still day dream about what it might be like to be Tinkerbell. On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights my dinner usually consists of guacamole eaten with some type of chip, and my inner monologue is often very whiny. Also, I have found that things most grown-ups just “know,” I have to Google. Everyday I face the overwhelming fear that someone is going to send me back to second grade because the world has deemed me incapable of living life an an independent adult.

2. Am I too old to dye my hair funky colors?

I’ve been blonde most of my life. But now…as the reality of age is setting in I’ve started experimenting. Pink…purple…a touch of blue…I want all of the colors of the rainbow in my hair. Right now. But the question is, have I passed the age where that’s ok?


3. How do I avoid becoming jaded?

Throughout my twenties I have found that it would be extremely easy to begin making assumptions about people in general. One of my greatest fears is being in my seventies and forgetting what true love feels like. I never want to lose whatever innocence I have left. There is a certain magic associated with being in your twenties and I hate to think I will lose that next year or in a future year of my life…



4. What can I expect from my 30s?

This last decade has been a roller coaster. At one point I considered myself a gypsy just because I hadn’t lived in the same apartment for more than nine months. During my early twenties I was figuring out what I wanted and who I wanted to be. After hitting twenty-five I realized to just relax and let life come to me for a while. However, now I’m once again getting an itch of ambition and trying to create some new challenges for myself. Is it like this for everyone? Some years you’re just in the slow lane taking in the view and others you can’t seem to reach the next destination fast enough?

5. What is something you wish you would have known in your 20s?

I have one more year and I want to make it count dammit!


As one of my beloved authors once said…

“You get old and you realize there are no answers, just stories.”  –Garrison Keillor